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Now Hear This: Need It Too (single) - AMAAL

Rating: ***1/2

Chronic pain and depression can be a real bitch. Two struggles that Washington DC pop singer, AMAAL knows all too well. It's through these hardships that have inspired him to create R&B-tinged, pop music that aims to bring a sense of catharsis to himself, and his listeners.

He has a new single out called "Need It Too" in all the usual places (iTunes, Spotify, etc.) that promises to deliver his unique vocal style over slick beats, with lyrics about lust and desire. Sounds cool enough right?

But is it good? We're about to dive in to find out just that.

Join me.

Listen to "Need It Too" on SoundCloud here:

I actually really like his vocal style. It's relaxed, and he's not trying to do too much. It's refreshing to hear in an era fueled by runs and over-singing. He's delivering the melody in his own way instead of getting in its way. The beats are fairly standard and musically it's not gonna blow your mind. It's pleasant enough though. Lyrically, it's not anything you've never heard before, but that's ok. These kind of songs will always be relatable to the masses. It's a song about want and lust, but it never glides into creepy territory which again is refreshing. It should be noted that the song ends kind of suddenly, but I dug it that way. Maybe you will too.

AMAAL has a bright future ahead of him. As of writing this, he's only 18. It's a strong single that made me curious about what might be next. That's always a good thing. Stay tuned.

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