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Now Hear This: Wallflower - Amanda Easton

Rating: ***1/2

2020 was quite a year. It allowed for many hours of Netflix, ordering delivery, and in Amanda Easton's case, write and record a new album called "Wallflower".

Released on February 20, "Wallflower" promises to feature introspective lyrics and the powerhouse vocals that Easton is known for, all with an electro-pop soundscape that is sure to delight pop and electronic music fans alike.

I mean this is all speculation as I have to listen to it. So I'm gonna do that. You can catch what my ears think after the jump, you know like I usually do.

Watch the video for "Overcome" on Youtube below:

"Girl in the Song" immediately makes me think of a slightly more sultry Pink! and a slightly less danceable Lady Gaga. The backbeat is hypnotic and the vocal performance is solid and sexy. Off to a strong start, but it didn't blow my mind. "Circle of Light" moves at very deliberate pace and didn't grab me at first listen, but grew on me the second time around. She has a vibe, that's for sure. Title track "Wallflower" has more of a radio-friendly appeal, but I still wouldn't call it radio-friendly if you know what I mean. I do think it's the strongest track thus far. Still a little esoteric for the masses, I reckon. "Walk the Skies" and "At the Door" are great album tracks that continue to set the tone for what Amanda Easton is all about but I'm not sure I would have chosen the latter as the first single. There are plenty of tracks left, so I'm sure I'll still find what I'd have chosen. "Conversation" is gorgeous and is a highlight of the middle part of the record. "Linea Nigra" follows and it sounds like it could be the theme song to a television show about a rogue spy. I'm into it. "Don't Even Take Your Coat Off" is a slow-burning sexy number that mostly works, even if it doesn't jump out while "Shadow on the Boulevard" has one of the strongest melodies on the album. "Don't Forget You Love Me" is a ballad of longing that might take a smidge too long to get started but if you wait it out it offers one of the strongest vocals on the album. The first single is buried deep but it's worth it. "Overcome" is catchy with a soft vocal that really works for Easton here. The sexiest song on an album that has a few to choose from. The album closes with a remix of "Girl in the Song" and I prefer it to the original version, to be honest. Good close to the album.

I wouldn't put this is in the "all killer no filler" category but it's solid. It lacks standouts, but there isn't anything awful in here either. Fans of the genre will get a kick out of it, while a common listener might find it a little difficult to connect with. That's ok though. I thought it was mostly pretty good and I'd recommend it, although only moderately.

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