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Now Hear This: Truth Between the Lies (single) - GEA

Rating: ***1/2

All the way from Finland, GEA is here to offer us up a lyrically thoughtful, new wave-influenced, gem of a single called "Truth Between the Lies". Now to be fair, I don't know if that's what it's offering us, I'm just deducing it from what I'm reading on this very well-put-together one-sheet.

Speaking of new wave, I've become a big fan of it over the years. It wasn't always that way, growing up I was a big fan of classic rock and that became an 80s obsession with hair bands. But by the 90s, I was looking back a lot and catching up with some of those great bands like The Smiths, Depeche Mode, and The Cure that I had missed while I was listening to whatever the hell Poison was putting out.

But I digress, let's check out the latest single from GEA! I'm gonna listen to it while I drink coffee because it's what I like to. My thoughts after the jump.

Watch the video for "Truth Between the Lies" on Youtube below:

So we get things cooking with a hypnotic synth beat before we get to some very Bjork-inspired vocals on the verse. It has a Cibo Matto vibe to it. Lyrically it's poetic without being pretentious. GEA has a wonderfully unique singing voice. It draws you in during the chorus especially. This isn't changing the world, but it's a really solid track that fans of lyrically poignant electronic music will flock to in droves.

This is a very good track that fans of Bjork will really love. GEA knows how to set a tone that lays a wonderful background to her haunting and hypnotic singing voice. There is some crossover appeal here too, but I know that college radio will love it.

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