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Now Hear This: The Distances - Cosmopolis

Rating: ***1/2

Cosmopolis comes to us abroad (The UK, Belgium, and Australia respectively) to bring us the dark and brooding pop music that we've been frantically craving in such sunny times. That was a joke, ya know, because of the global pandemic and current state of US politics. Maybe it's too soon to make jokes like that, I don't know. Anyways, they are here and from what I'm reading they sound like a dark Radiohead-type, and to be honest, that's generally right up my alley.

It's the morning as I write this and this one might be good to delve into with a strong up of black coffee. I've provided a youtube link to the track just below this paragraph so y'all can listen along. I'll get to my words about it just below that. You guys (and gals) know how this works by now don't you?

Watch video for "Knockout" on YouTube below:

Well, this is brooding, that's for sure. It plods along but it's quite beautiful and ethereal sounding. I love the lead vocals and the harmonies bring a gorgeous dreamlike atmosphere to a song that is quite dark lyrically. This sounds a bit like Tindersticks (what a great band they were) and that's always a major plus in my book. The last few verses are hypnotic and left me wanting to listen to it again, so I did. Even better the second time around.

This isn't gonna be for everybody, but the people that do like it are gonna LOVE it. The kind of track that can make a lot of new fans that are into the dark, dreamy, slow pop burn that this band can provide in droves. Highly recommended for fans of the genre but I still think most people will at least find it interesting.

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