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Now Hear This: Thanks For Something (single) - Ben Conley

Rating: ****

Alright now. Ben Conley is a tidal wave of punk via blues recklessness and the single "Thanks For Something" promises to give us an ultra-blast of that fun through heartbreak energy that makes for most of my favorite punk rock tunes.

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Conley owes much of his success to his humorous takes on the genre, without being a parody of it. It makes for a killer combination, and I honestly can't wait to give this one a stroll through my headphones.

I'm gonna go for a brisk walk and give this one a try. I'll report back like I always do.

Watch the video for "Thanks For Something" on Youtube below:

This one starts quickly and doesn't stop until it abruptly does. At just over a minute long, this one gets to the point quick, hammers it in nicely, and then screams the end part over and over just in case you didn't get the point. This one is fun and furious and over much too quickly for my taste. In fact, I found myself watching the time bar at the bottom and growing increasingly disappointed that it was gonna end so soon. Rad track that excites me for what's next.

Conley is a rarity in modern punk. He doesn't take himself too seriously. He doesn't, but you might. He's the real deal. Highly recommend this one.

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