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Now Hear This: Seven Years of Silence - 1st Base Runner

Rating: ****

Last week I got a chance to listen to and check out the music video for "Only One" by 1st Base Runner. The song was hypnotizing, while the video was like something from an art-house film festival. I was into it.

Now I get the opportunity to give the entire EP (8 songs feels like an LP but from what I'm reading it looks like these tracks are kinda short) a listen, and I have to be honest, I'm pretty geeked to check it out.

I'm gonna brew my darkest coffee, put on a mock turtleneck, and dive into the goth-pop goodness that awaits my willing ear holes.

Watch the music video for "Break Even" below:

"Break Even" is the track that leads us off. Similar to the other single, "Only One", this one paints a dark Cure-meets-Nine Inch Nails landscape. The vocals are moody here, without getting into haunting territory (yet). A solid opener and a good choice as a single. The second track is "Only One" and we covered it last week. It's a good one, especially if you're into brooding and deliberate dark pop. "All Thoughts" is next and it actually delves into more accessible territory here, if only just slightly. This one reminds me of The Smiths with less egomaniacal posturing. "Escape" is dreamy and sparse and it seems like the album takes a slight break to let the listener breathe. It's welcome as this track is a brilliantly orchestrated piece that is perfect to chill to. "Pirouette" picks back up where the early tracks left off. 1st Base Runner does an excellent job of setting a tone and sticking with it. It almost comes off like a concept album to a degree. What "Some Reasons" lacks in melody, it makes up for in haunting soundscape. By the time the beat kicks in, you're fully immersed in the cloudy picture it's painted. "What Am I" is the penultimate track and it's possibly my favorite one on the entire EP. Dipping it's toe into Americana, it's not exactly Bruce Springsteen, but it could be cowboy Morrissey for sure. Love this one. The album ends on "Ocean". It's another moody affair, but why wouldn't it be? This is a moody album, and I don't think I would have wanted it any other way.

This one isn't gonna be something you throw on to feel happy on a Sunday. These are for whiskey-soaked Friday evenings where you don't feel like you have a friend in the world. You might have one in 1st Base Runner, though.

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