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Now Hear This: Knockout - Lord Sonny The Unifier

Rating: ****

Lord Sonny the Unifier is a rare breed. Part rockabilly scenester, part pure punk throwback. He generally makes a statement in whatever creative project he happens to be up to at the time. I've reviewed his stuff on this very site in the past, and I got to tell you, it was one of the more memorable releases I've covered on this site.

Well, he's back for more with an upcoming EP called "All New Information" and I'm here to cover the first single from it, the aptly named "Knockout."

I'm gonna drink some whiskey and dig into the song and the music video which I've so graciously attached just below this sentence that you're reading right now.

Watch video for "Knockout" on YouTube below:

While Sonny looks like a throwback to an NYC dive bar in 1982, this music is pretty modern sounding. Using elements of electronic music, along with his trademark punky rock grooves, this one just bursts out of the laptop, through your headphones, and into your skull. It's catchy if at times repetitious. The music video is bonkers as well, utilizing highlights from some of the most brutal knockouts from the MMA and boxing world. Sonny has a great old-school whine that I wish more modern rock acts could pull off without sounding like grown toddlers. Really good stuff here.

I totally dug this track and it makes me look forward to checking out the full EP soon. Lord Sonny is one to check out. I have no problem signing his praises here. Highly recommended.

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