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Now Hear This: Karma (single) - Sonic Fuel

Rating: ***

Sonic Fuel brings us a sonic hard rock assault from Knoxville, Tennesee. The single "Karma" promises to be a track fueled (haha) by inspiration of abuses by those in positions of power.

"We make no apologies to anyone it may offend." says songwriter/vocalist/guitarist David Hales.

Alright then. This makes me extra excited to check it out. I love it when bands find creative ways to tell authority figures to sit down and shut up. I also happen to be a big fan of hard rock in the Shinedown mold and I have a feeling that's what we might find here.

I'm gonna check it out now. My thoughts later. Like not much later. Just below the pic of the Sonic Fuel logo actually.

We get right to it here. These guys aren't messing around. This is hard rock in the mold of Fozzy and Nickelback more than that of Van Halen and Skid Row but I'm here for it. Lyrically, it is a socially aware takedown with effective use of "Karma is a bitch" which I love. This isn't changing the genre by any stretch but it's a damn solid song that is super catchy. I could hear this on modern rock radio shortly.

This is a good example of hard rock forgoing the tropes of drugs, women, and a good party, and really saying something lyrically. The song itself is strong, and although the scope of people looking for socially aware hard rock music might seem like a narrow scope, I think this one might be able to slide into fans of even the most mainstream from the genre. I recommend this one.

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