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Now Hear This: Hunger (single) - Chris Ianuzzi

Rating: ****

I've been back and forth on this blog about how I feel about electronic music. To summarize, certain ones hit me where it needs to hit me but most seem to not connect with me in the slightest. I wish it wasn't like that but it is.

The latest in a string of singles leading to a full LP release, electronic music pioneer, Chris Ianuzzi brings "The Hunger". Ianuzzi has a reputation for bringing classical ideas to the EDM realm with a history of composing scores for other media channels.

I'm gonna grab my headphones and listen to this as intended. I'm gonna throw down some words about it in a bit. I'm pretty sure you know where to find it.

Watch video for "Hunger" on YouTube below:

Well first things first, this isn't dance music. This reminds me much more of Rammstein than something David Guetta would whip up. It wastes no time in immediately going for the part of your brain that craves chaos. The time changes throughout the track keep you on your toes and the vocal samples thrown in create an almost terrifying rhythm in the center of your mind. What it lacks in melody it more than makes up for in frenetic aggression. The beat is relentless and mesmerizing. This is NOT easy listening. While challenging, it's definitely innovative with the journey through being well worth it in the end.

This is NOT gonna be for everybody. It was for me though. I found it hard to listen to in all the best ways. Ianuzzi has a talent for finding the part of your brain that has an itch and he keeps scratching it over and over and over again. I don't recommend this for dance music fans but if you like a fat dose of industrial in your electronics, this one comes highly recommended.

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