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Now Hear This: Hotel in the Sky (EP) - Brady Harris

Rating: ***1/2

This site is officially bumpin'! It's been good to be back on here sharing my thoughts about indie music that might be flying under the radar again. I've had so many cool submissions and have really been enjoying taking deep dives into stuff that I wouldn't normally have the chance to take a listen to. Today I'm giving the new EP from Brady Harris "Hotel in the Sky" a run-through.

Harris is known for "Beatles-esque Americana" and those are two great things that go great together as far as I'm concerned. Gimme melodic pop gems with jangly guitar and my Wilco-loving heart will be yours forever.

I'm gonna have some coffee and warm up my air pods for this 6-song stroll down Brady Harris Lane. I'll share my thoughts below.

The title track "Hotel in the Sky" starts us off. It's definitely got a Beatles vibe to it. Lyrically it's telling the tale of a drug den in the poppiest way possible. It bounces along and is pleasant enough, even if it doesn't necessarily hit you in the face with its brilliance. "Economy of Sound" is next and it's a little more upbeat and a lot catchier. It reminds me of ELO. This one has a great late '70s radio vibe to it. "Welcome Back to the Come Down" really leans into the "Penny Lane"-era Beatles sound. After the opening track fell flat for me, the last two have hit the sweet spot. Track four is "Parting Gift" and it's another melodic pop track that seems ripe for repeat listening. We head into the final track called "Chateau Hill" and the record has been as advertised thus far. Solid pop jams that take you back to a time when smoking a joint in your dad's van while listening to his collection of 8-track tapes were your only solace on a summer evening. Maybe that's just me. Anyways, the final track is a great closer. It's not a track that screams "This is a single!" but it's a pleasant track that leaves you wondering what an LP would end up sounding like.

This is a solid EP of well-crafted pop tunes. I don't think Brady-mania is upon us, but Harris' catchy songwriting is worth a listen or two. A lot of good stuff in there for fans of power pop. I reccomend it.

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