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Now Hear This: Figment That Was Me - Blueanimal

Rating: ****

Orlando's Blueanimal has an album out called "Figment That Was Me" that dropped back in June. They're an alternative rock band that promises to address the pandemic-before-the-pandemic of mental health in the United States. It's a heavy subject matter to broach on a pop album, but maybe that's what we need right now.

This is their 3rd full-length album, and from reading the one-sheet, it appears to be their darkest, and most-inspired work to date. Originally a side project that started as a duo, Blueanimal has always brought thoughtful lyrics, good riffs, and melody to the genre and I expect this one will be no different.

I'm about to listen to this as I drink a stiff cup of black coffee, and I'll address all of my thoughts on the LP after the jump.

Watch the music video for "On My Mind" below:

The album leads off with the first single "On My Mind". It's a moody one for sure. The verse is slow and deliberate and works well leading into the chorus that reminds me of early Days of the New stuff. Solid track and a good choice for the lead single, in my opinion. "Only a Man" has a crunchy riff and tasty lead before we get to the initial verse. I like the vocal on this one. Really good album track. "Anyone But Me" reminds me of Nirvana. Haunting, whispering vocals, with a chorus that would make any Alice in Chains fan happy. This album is kinda Seattle circa 1993. I'm not mad at it. "This Side of Me" has more pop appeal but it ends up being pretty forgettable, while "Rock Bottom" brings back a little more of the edge, but still doesn't necessarily stand out from the pack. "What Does it all Mean" is slower and almost has a country or folk appeal to it. Again, it reminds me of Days of the New. This song is rock solid, and I can see myself going back and listening to this one more than once. "Because of You" slows the pace down again and I honestly think this is a good sound for them. These last two tracks have an earnestness to them that is appealing. "Searching" ends up being the penultimate track on the record, but the last studio recording. It's probably the most melodic track on the album. I dig it. The final track is an acoustic live version of "Better Than This". We are back to that slower pace that I really enjoy from Blueanimal. Lyrically this one stands out. Great bow on a pretty great album.

I highly recommend this to fans of the grunge era goodness of Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and the post-grunge fans of Days of the New (again) and Creed. So much good stuff here with only a couple of tracks that come off as filler.

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