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Now Hear This: Whatever Happened to Les Techno? - Les Techno

Rating: ***

Must Listen: Trophy Wife

Skip: Old House

Les Techno has a pretty impressive resume spanning all kinds of musical genres. He’s been in the popular NYC bands Slim-Stim and Love Posse, while producing songs for artists such as Onyx and Georgie Blacks. Dude gets around. Being pretty unfamiliar with him and his music, I thought I’d check out his website located here. Yep. That’s his website. In 2017. That’s it. Being nostalgic for a time when the internet was a much simpler place, I didn’t let his archaic website throw me off. I was going to preview his latest EP, appropriately titled, “Whatever Happened to Les Techno?”, objectively. So that’s what I’m gonna do now. Check it. Watch the video for “Trophy Wife” below:

First things first, the cover art is awful. Much like his website, it’s a throwback to the Microsoft Paint era of graphic design. Just dreadful. I’m not gonna let it deter me. I’m listening to the first track called, Trophy Wife now. It’s cool. It’s got a real INXS feel. It’s swaggy and clever. It sounds nothing like the cover art looks which is a good thing. The music video is cool too. Good start. Who Do You Believe starts with a U2-type intro before it delves into serious Don’t You Forget About Me (Simply Red) territory. It’s not overly original but it’s a good pop song nonetheless. The next track, Soul of the Machine has kind of a Rolling Stones feel. It’s uptempo folk rock done by a guy that is clearly influenced by 80’s new wave. Another solid track. Track 4 is Old House. This one slows things down a bit and not for the best. This cut doesn’t connect with me at all. It takes itself a little too seriously I think. The EP ends with a remix of Who Do You Believe called, Salvation Remix. It shows off Techno’s electronic vibe and is a fun, if repetitive, reimagining of the original tune.

If you like INXS and Simply Red, Les Techno is for you. It’s fun 80’s sounding folk-pop with an electronic edge. If that kinda thing tickles your fancy, then pick this one up.

Les Techno is Les Techno (all vocals, bass, drums, moog synth, all guitars)

Produced by: Les Techno

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