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Now Hear This: Emergence (single) - Auroara

Rating: ****

Auroara, a Canadian Metis singer-songwriter, releases her new single on June 21. "Emergence" is a track that promises to be a powerful and moving exploration of the themes of healing and empowerment.

I've always loved a deep pop song. You know, one of those songs that get you in your feels and makes you think about your own life. I imagine I'll vibe with Auroara's new song pretty well because the feelings she's discussing are ones that I can relate to.

Being true to your own self is a tale as old as time in popular music. But I'm interested to hear Auroara's spin on it. How does she express the idea of being true to yourself in a way that feels fresh and new? I'm excited to find out.

Alright, folks, I'm gonna sip some coffee and throw in my brand new Beats earbuds to see what this "Emergence" song has in store for us. I'll report back in the next paragraph.

The song starts off with haunting beats. I'm not gonna lie, I was feeling a little bit emotional right off the bat. But then Auroara's voice comes in, and she just grabs you and takes you on a journey.

The song is about healing and empowerment, and even though the vocals have an effect on them, you can still hear the conviction in Auroara's voice come through. A rare feat. This is especially apparent in the repeating "They were always your scars, they were never mine" in the bridge portion of the song.

The lyrics are simple but powerful, and they really resonated with me. I think anyone who has ever felt hurt or lost will be able to relate to this song.

The production is also top-notch, making the overall sound very atmospheric and moving.

Hypnotic and earnest, I really dug this one.

"Emergence" is a powerful and uplifting song that will resonate with anyone who has ever felt hurt or lost. It is a reminder that we all have the power to heal and to emerge from our pain stronger and more empowered than ever before.

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