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Now Hear This: Electric Treatment Free (EP) - Electric Treatment Free

Rating: ****1/2

Electric Treatment Free is an experimental project from Canadian electronic music producer, Mark Uygur. From what I'm reading about it, this is an EP that showcases and electroacoustic style and sound that is, you guessed it, a mix of electronic and acoustic. Weird how that works, eh?

The idea of it excites me, though. I've been reviewing a lot of electronic stuff on the site lately, and most of it I've really enjoyed. As a lover of the singer-songwriter genre, acoustic stuff has always appealed to me anyway. Put the two together, and we could be looking at the next peanut butter and jelly sandwich (which I also love).

I'm gonna make a PB&J to set the tone and enjoy it while I listen to this EP. I'll tell you all about it after the jump.

Watch the music video for "Fort Smith" below:

We start the EP with "Study 4" and it's a hypnotic jam. I really love the melody, and how the tune never really devolves into something it isn't. It's a whole ass vibe and it sticks to it the whole way through. I respect that. "Andrei's Bright Day" is next. This one is a short burst of chaotic sound bytes with a pretty dope piano interlude at the end. It's weird, but I'm into it. "The Brother of Sleep" starts with a dial tone but eventually we get some operator talk and a message via telegram from a loving son. This is definitely in Negativland territory and I love it. So odd. "Maths (Conlon Guitars)" is an 8-bit sounding beauty. Like a video game soundtrack from 1983 where you're right about to meet the boss of a level. Again, this is just so cool and strange. "Fort Smith" is where the too short EP ends up. It's got a melancholy jazz vibe to begin with, but then slowly speeds us through more video game vibes and a fairly unsettling sampling of odd vocals. Creepy and perfect.

I really enjoyed this EP. Like I said earlier, it does remind me of Negativland and if you know me, that's the highest of compliments. I highly recommned this to lovers of the weird digital music arena, and think there's enough here for most other weirdos to latch onto.

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