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Now Hear This: Each Morning and the Morning Thereafter - Vectralux

Rating: ***1/2

I love Indie-pop. It's one of those genres that has evolved over the years, but its heart remains. It's that beautiful cross-over of raw DIY energy with classically formed pop songs and craftmanship. As a fan of R.E.M, Gin Blossoms, and Jellyfish, I'm always excited when I see an email asking me to have a listen to something described as such.

"Each Morning and the Morning Thereafter" by the strangely named, Vectralux is what we are gonna check out today and I'm pretty pumped. Hailing from Atlanta. GA, this quartet formed in 2018 brings an inspired new LP to our ears via the digital and CD format (vinyl next month, yo!) and it promises to be filled with upbeat and hook-laden tracks filled with Indie-pop goodness. I'll be the judge of that, though. My site and all.

I'm strapping in as we speak. Headphones on. Coffee in my bloodstream. Let's get it.

"Hey!" is track 1, and it starts with power-pop layers right off the bat. It reminds me of Ok Go a little. Strong opener here. "Hidden Days" is next and I didn't like it nearly as much as the opening track. That's not to say it's bad. It's not. Just a little dull after such a hot start. "Almost Whenever Now" gets us back on track with catchy melodies and a strong chorus, while "To Be Untitled" not being called "Ruin Today" will always blow my mind due to the fact that I've been singing "Ruin Today" all day long. "Patagonia Kids" is jangly and Gin Blossoms reminiscent, two things I love. "Who Can Figure Out Such Devices..." sounds like 60s fuzzed-out rock and I love that about it. One of the strongest tracks on the album thus far in my opinion. "Missing Trains" is just great (the piano in this one makes it really run) while "Slide Show" continues to show that this band has a whole lot of Soul Asylum in them and that's never a bad thing. "Unwilling Stars (Right About Now)" and "Illustration No. 6" are both pitch-perfect examples of how good this genre music can be and again it has me harkening back to the great indie rock bands of the 90s. This is such a throwback album. The album ends on "With Grace (I Walk In)" and it's such a great track to end on. Leaves you wanting more, while also being completely satisfying.

For me, this was such a rewarding listen. Aside from some slow moments in the early parts of the record, this one is excellent and consistent throughout. Fans of Soul Asylum's "Grave Dancer's Union" era are gonna eat this up like candy. So solid. Highly recommended.

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