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Now Hear This: Cabin Fever (single) - Apache Rose

Rating: ****1/2

Apache Rose, a Moscow-based rock band, recently released their new single "Cabin Fever." I was excited to hear this new track from the band, as I had previously reviewed their debut release "Attention!" and enjoyed it immensely. Vocalist and songwriter Ilya Novokhatskiy is a bonafide badass, and I am eager to hear what he and the rest of the band have in store for their upcoming LP.

Readers of this blog know that I'm a sucker for hard rock music. I long for the days of Skid Row and Motley Crue as well as the early 90's vibe of Screaming Trees and Alice in Chains. What I loved so much about the first LP was how it kind of combined the energy of both eras while still managing to not sound dated. I hope this new single is more of that.

Only one way to find out, though. Let's listen. My thoughts are in the next paragraph below the pic of Ilya looking cool in the studio.

The song opens with a killer intro that builds slowly and steadily, foreshadowing a major crescendo. And yes, it delivers! The song is melodic hard rock that sounds both current and classic, paying homage to bands like Nirvana and the Pixies. The chorus is catchy, as expected from Ilya, who is a solid songwriter. He rocks out while still keeping the song layered with hooks.

The solo is where the song really takes off. It picks up a frenetic pace that feels like it comes out of nowhere. The bridge after the solo is my favorite part of the song. It's a perfect blend of melody and aggression, and it leaves you wanting more.

Overall, "Cabin Fever" is a killer track that is sure to please fans of melodic hard rock. It's a song that builds and builds, culminating in a climactic solo that will leave you headbanging and singing along. Highy recommended.

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