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Now Hear This: Back Into It - Disaster Relief

Rating: ****

Disaster Relief is a funky acid-jazz group from Detroit, Michigan.

They are back with their second full-length release titled "Back Into It" and as a fan of their first record, I'm here for it.

Founder, Darrin James is a blues rocker at heart, but in 2018 decided to throw his hat in the rock-jazz-funk ring with Disaster Relief's self-titled first release. It was critically acclaimed for it's unique take on feel-good party tunes.

I'm excited to see where this short (six tracks total) but hopefully sweet LP takes us. I'm firing up the coffee maker as I type and getting my headphones ready to go. I'll report back shortly.

Track one, the title track "Back Into It" is a lot of fun. The theme of good time, funky but still soulful jazz is still very apparent, and this one harkens back to the vibes of the first record. Solid start here. Track two, "Kalamatianos for Alexander" takes on a more serious tone, but is still a really fun listen. It makes you think of a dance scene in a dark comedy from the 80s if that makes any sense. Does that makes any sense? I don't know if it does or not, but what I do know is that this record is off to a pretty bangin' start. "Beach Song" is exactly what you'd think it would be. Almost a dub vibe to this one. Well-played with horns and guitar swimming perfectly in sync with each other. Another really good jam. "Weekend Cocek" might come off a little repetitive, but there are things here that make it worthy of repeat listenings, simply because the melody line is so strong. "Ostinato Eleven" is the funkiest of the tracks here, dropping a slower and more methodic bassline than the former tracks. Really digging this one. The album comes to a close with "What Day is it?" and it's not like any of the other tracks on the album. Almost like the band is saying goodbye. A dreamy feel for the final track is just what the doctor ordered.

Not a single stinker in this 6-track LP! Although there aren't any true standout tracks, this one is rock-solid throughout. I highly recommend it to fans of funk and jazz that don't want the message weighed down with pesky lyrics and vocals.

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