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Now Hear This: Attention! - Apache Rose

Rating: ****

Apache Rose are a rock and roll band coming straight outta Moscow.

Inspired and influenced by a bevy of rock and metal titans, Apache Rose are finally ready (after releasing 4 singles from 2019-2020) to unveil their debut full-length LP entitled "Attention!".

We've talked about this band on this site before so we kinda know what to expect; raucous guitars, melodic verses, and iconic choruses, all done with a wink and a nod to the heroes of 90's alternative rock music.

Should be a fun ride, I'll report back after the jump.

Watch the video for "Easy" on Youtube below:

When the album starts with the Franz Ferdinand on decaf fun of "Easy" you know you're looking at a solid effort. In fact, I'd say Franz Ferdinand would be the band I'd most compare Apache Rose to, with "Tiny Love" also showing a strong FF influence. "Backdoor Man" gives me The Cure vibes with the intro before it lands somewhere between the Gin Blossoms and Lady Gaga. A truly interesting blend of genres here. "Hell" sounds. a bit like The Cult on downers while "Hit Me" and "Blind Spot" make for solid album tracks even if they don't necessarily stand out on their own. Title track "Attention!" is one of the highlights of the back-end of the album. One of the catchiest songs on an album full of them. The penultimate track is "You Kiss Like a Girl". Sonically it owes a bit to the Pixies. I could imagine hearing this on college radio in 1994 quite easily. The album ends with "Some Kind of Love", which ends up being the best ballad on the record. I really enjoyed this one.

This one was so easy to listen to and bop my head a bit at the same time. 90s alternative rock is one of my favorite genres and honestly this album is such an homage to it. I highly recommend it to fans of The Cure and The Pixies and several other bands that start with "The" as well. Check this one out.

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