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Now Hear This: All Thoughts (single) - 1st Base Runner

Rating: ***

Like most Californians, I just love Austin, Texas. Just look at how we are moving there in droves. Seriously, look it up! It's all over.

I've loved Austin for many years. The food. The music. The bats. It's one of the most culturally diverse cities around. I think it's almost impossible to have a bad time in Austin.

The band 1st Base Runner happens to be from Austin, and I really love a good Austin band. These guys supposedly have a little bit of a darker tone, and that excites me even more. I love me some southern goth-rock.

So I'm gonna drink some black coffee and see what their new single "All Thoughts" is about. You can check out the video before you read my thoughts, ya know, how it usually goes.

Watch the video for "All Thoughts" on Youtube below:

Ooh ok. This is nice. It kinda sounds like Nine Inch Nails with some little hints of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds here and there. I love both of those bands and I have a suspicion that so does 1st Base Runner. The verses are dense with dark melody, while the chorus is subdued without sounding utterly un-radio friendly. That's a tough trick to pull off! Musically it sets the tone early and the lyrics do a wonderful job of following along thematically. Just really paints a picture.

If you're into Tindersticks or Nick Cave with a modern feel that doesn't get too cheesy, this latest single from 1st Base Runner should tickle your fancy just fine. I imagine it will be a little too nuanced for some casual pop music fans but that's ok. I don't think that's who the band is playing to anyway. "All Thoughts" is dark and moody, but I bet it turns your day around by the sheer brilliance of it. Highly recommended.

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