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Now Hear This: Heaven Sent Delinquent (Electric Single Mix) (single) - Shawna Virago

Rating: ****1/2

Bay Area transgender music icon, Shawna Virago is back with another single on all the places you stream and/or purchase music called "Heaven Sent Delinquent (Electric Single Mix)".

Virago has been a constant in the San Francisco folk-punk and singer-songwriter scene since the 90's playing live and consistently releasing content.

I've always found Virago's music interesting and their lyrical compositions thoughtful and dynamic. I'm really excited to check out this single as I've come to expect something different with each recent release.

I'm gonna throw my headphones on and enjoy. I'll report back after you watch the video.

Watch video for "Heaven Sent Delinquent (Electric Single Mix)" on YouTube below:

At first listen this reminds me of western-tinged indie rock from the mid 90s. Riff heavy into the first verse. As we hit full-speed it becomes really catchy. Kinda like Pavement meets Wilco with Kim Deal on vocals. This is really radio-friendly even if it doesn't really capture today's typical radio sound. Virago's vocals are a perfect fit for this kinda tune. The "run, run, run away." bridge is destined to be sung along with when live music shows are a thing again. It ends as catchy as it began with some tasty guitar licks thrown in to boot.

Really strong single here by Shawna Virago. In the 90s this would be on every single college radio station. Solid throughout with some incredible moments, this should have Virago fans champing at the bit for a full release. Very highly recommended.
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