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Now Hear This: Flowers For Dystopia (single) - Les Techno

Rating: ****

I'm back again with a brand new single from my favorite NYC singer-songwriter socially-aware weirdo, Les Techno!

Les is a bit of a favorite around these parts for his strange mix of coffeeshop post-folk and 80s-era new wave sound. He's lyrically on point and almost always has an interesting take on the world around us and let me tell you, a lot is going on!

I'm gonna ease into this one as I write on a Sunday morning. Coffee in hand. Let's see what you got this time, Mr. Techno.

My thoughts after the jump.

Watch the lyric video for "Flowers for Dystopia" on YouTube below:

This one has a nice little bounce to it. My immediate thought is that this sounds a lot like mid-80s INXS. Les is summoning the spirit of Michael Hutchence on this one. Lyrically it's current and clever with a decidedly heavy subject manner addressing the current pandemic and civil unrest taking place in the country at the moment, which if you didn't already know is a Les Techno trademark at this point. The verses are solid and the chorus is catchy with some interesting deflections during the bridges. The song leaves you feeling hopeful which is an interesting twist for Mr. Techno.

Per the usual, this tune is uniquely Les Techno. He continues to make relevant singles year after year and this one might be the most important yet. Highly recommended.
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