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Now Hear This: Overnight Flight - Todd Warner Moore

Rating: ****1/2

I really dug Todd Warner Moore's 2018 release "Spark". It was coffeehouse and sparse but had darkness and sadness combined with a levity that reminded me of some of my favorite post-punk singer-songwriters like Nick Cave and Tom Waits.

So needless to say I was excited to get a crack at reviewing his latest release from April of this year titled "Overnight Flight". These are some dark times we are living in, and sometimes it's good to lean into that. Maybe this will end up being just what the doctor ordered.

But maybe, just maybe Todd will throw us a curveball of positivity and hope! That wouldn't be necessarily unwanted either, to be honest.

I'm gonna hop to it and see where it takes us. I'll report back. Promise.

Stream the title track "Overnight Flight" on Spotify here:

We lead off with the title track "Overnight Flight" and the first thing that strikes me is how much better the production is when compared to his last release. This one is just gorgeous. Immediately draws you in. Lyrically earnest and well-played and very well-sung. Kudos to starting strong. "Mistakes" is track number two and it's got a decidedly somber tone, which was to be expected. This track is strong as well. "Suns" is next and I honestly didn't love it. It's not a bad tune, but when in context it does seem like a little bit of a break in the action. "Paul's Way" gets us right back on track, however. Super catchy folk-pop. Really fun one. "Rite of Rain" is next and it starts with some strings that set a great mood for the song. An instrumental, it says a lot more than so many songs laden with lyrical content do. Very powerful track. "Big Blue Wave" is a melancholy track. He does these well. Lyrically poetic and again, very well played, this one is a highlight of the last part of the record for sure. "Masks (Fever Dreams) has more of a western feel than the rest of the LP and that makes for a good change-of-pace here. A strong track that stands out here. "Wake up Feeling Fine" is the penultimate tune on the record. I love this tune. A great anthem for those groggy, hungover mornings. We end things with "Blossoming (The Other Side)". This is a delightful way to end a pretty damn delightful album. We do end up on a hopeful note with this lovely instrumental piece.

As far as this genre of music goes, "Overnight Flight" is nearly flawless. Balanced and honest, without any bad tracks, but full of highlights, I highly recommend this one to fans of coffee house folk and blues and find more than enough here for any casual fan of pop music in general. Well done.
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