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Now Hear This: Zilla With Her Eyes Shut - Zilla With Her Eyes Shut

Rating: ****

Avant Pop isn't a musical genre I can say that I'm overly familiar with. I imagine it's something like Lady Gaga popularized in the 2000s with hits like "Poker Face" and "Bad Romance". I can't be too sure though. I could be totally wrong about that. I'm wrong sometimes. It's ok.

What I do know is that the artist I'm reviewing today, Zilla With Her Eyes Shut is considered Avant Pop. She has a new release appropriately titled "Zilla With Her Eyes Shut" and I'm excited to see what it's all about. The name is cool, no doubt.

She's from the UK and her first release with Accidental Records garnered heaps of universal praise, critically. This release promises to be a bit more personal and if you know me, I love a good musical diary.

I'm gonna stop typing so much and get to listening. I'll report back like I always do.

Watch the video for "Whisper Whisper" on YouTube below:

"Get Ready" leads things off. It's got a cool electronic into that sounds nothing like Lady Gaga so maybe I'm totally wrong about that. As the vocals start it does kinda sound like what I imagined Avant Pop to sound like so maybe I'm not completely wrong. It's kinda creepy in a poppy way. I'm into it. "The Sleepwalker" is catchy and artsy. This one is dope. I liked the first track just fine but this could be a lowkey radio hit if marketed right. "Get Your Way" is track three and by now we are seeing a theme. She definitely has a unique musical voice. I didn't love this one but it isn't bad. What's next? "Remember" has a hypnotic beat that has a distinctive world music vibe. Another solid track. "Little Things" brings us back to the darker vibe of the earlier tracks. It works for her and this is one of my favorite tunes so far. "In My Head" and " Cut Me Boy" are both examples of solid album tracks placed in the middle of an LP. They aren't filler but also kind of anchor the middle portion between standout tracks. Which brings us to "Whatever It Is" which is an absolute banger. Listen to this thing turned up and the bass thumps while the flanged vocal track makes you kinda scared. Wild song. "Rainbows" brings us back to a little more poppy territory. This track sounds like a woman-fronted Nine Inch Nails song. I really like it. "Desire" isn't a U2 cover, thank god. This might be the least effect used on her vocals and it's a refreshing change-of-pace. She's got a really lovely singing voice and it's cool to hear it in a cleaner environment. "Whisper Whisper" is a cool song that sounds like it could be sung during some post-apocalyptic game of double dutch. Lyrically creepy but completely catchy. The album ends on "Paris". Musically, it's one of my favorites and it does the trick of leaving you wanting just a little more.

This one is solid throughout with just enough standout tracks to keep you totally engaged. If you like electronic vocal music OR Avant Pop, this one is highly recommended. I also happen to think there's enough in here for a standard pop fan to enjoy.
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