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Now Hear This: Olga in a Black Hole EP - Chris Ianuzzi

Rating: ****

Electronic music maestro, Chris Ianuzzi has had an awakening of sorts. One of the psychedelic persuasion.

After working on some solo projects and many high profile music for TV gigs, he's back in the time of quarantine to drop what promises to be one of the more progressive pieces of work he's ever done.

We get started with the EP "Olga in a Black Hole". The first taste of his new TBA full-length LP titled "Planetaria".

I don't have much going on right now so I'm gonna hop right to it.

I'll have more thoughts after the jump. You know, like always.

Stream "Olga in a Black Hole" on Spotify here:

We start off with the title track "Olga in a Black Hole". It's a slow starter but begins to set the feel for some futuristic sound scaping about a minute in. This is some serious Sega CD video game from 1992 sounding stuff. It plays like a theme from a cyber cop game and there's a criminal running through a dark alley in the year 2082. It definitely sets a vibe. It starts and stops. Slows down and speeds up just at the perfect times. It sets a strange vibe for the EP right from the get go. I'm into it though. "Hello" is next and it starts a little quicker. This one is weird. Almost hypnotic. There's a great little synth riff with elements of an old modem somewhere in there as well. This reminds me of Negativland. I like it. We end the way too short EP with "Fork". It's almost like electro-melancholy music, if that makes sense? This one remains thematic, but it decidedly more dark than the prior two tracks. This one slaps though. I could see a dance team having a pretty field day with this one. Solid front to back.

If you're looking for a weird electronic album to wash away your lockdown blues, I think you're in luck. This is as well-played and as well-composed as any electronic album I've checked out this year. Makes me really excited to check out the LP when it's released later this year (I hope!). Highly recommended.
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