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Now Hear This: Moments and Fragments - #Bloomerangs

Rating: ***1/2

Stefan Lenthe (Bass), Clay Wulbrecht (Piano, Keyboards, and Melodica), Chris Parker (Drums, and Percussion), and Rodrigo Cotelo (Guitars, and Banjo) combine to form #Bloomerangs, an Indiana-based jazz quartet that has a brand new album called "Moments and Fragments" that dropped on March 27.

I dig jazz music and am especially excited when it's a group I have no idea what to expect from. From the looks of their one-sheet, they appear to incorporate world music and different cultures into their unique collective sounds. Dope.

I'm gonna drink a bit of tea and let the jazz take me to a place where we could all hang out together in a smokey club and enjoy a night out. The good old days.

Watch the music video for "In Some Shape or Form" on Youtube below:

The opener "Home" has a bluesy piano intro that sets such a great mood. This is drinks at the jazz club music and I'm here for it. "Leaps and Bounces" is upbeat and frenetic, and a perfect change-of-pace from the opener, while "In Some Shape or Form" is hook-laden and poppy. Three tracks in and the #Bloomerangs are showing their diversity. "Untold" and "Catch a Clue" are both solid tracks with a traditional jazz backbone, with the latter showing a spacey vibe coming through. "Another Melancholy Waltz" takes us down a sad pathway, and to be honest it's the first track that has shown as that side of the group. "After the Fact" starts slow but ends up jamming hard in the middle bit. "Layers of Complexity" show us that world music vibe that the one-sheet spoke of. "S Mitchell St" is next and it's not one of my favorite tracks. It lacks something that I can't quite put my finger on. "Change of Pace" and "Mind Your F" are both highlights of the latter part of the album with "Mind Your F" sounding folky and unlike anything else on the LP thus far. "Normality Links" is different and amazing while the ending track, the appropriately named "That Sums it Up" being the perfect traditional jazz ending to what ended up being a rock-solid jazz recording.

As a jazz fan, I really enjoyed this album. It's soft in spots, but the highlights make up for it. Regardless of what genre of jazz you're into, there is going to be more than enough here to wet your whistle. I give this a solid recomendation for all of my jazz lovers out there which I know is plenty.
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