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Now Hear This: I Used to Have Fun - Jackson Price and the Blues Rockets

Rating: ****

Hey readers! I know the large majority of you are reading this from inside your house as part of a mandated quarantine. In fact, that's where I'm writing it from as well. I usually do, but this time, I'm commanded to do so. It makes it feel a bit different, I must admit.

In any event, we have a new album, appropriately named for the times we are living in, called "I Used to Have Fun" by Jackson Price and the Blues Rockets. Price and his band are from New Mexico and from what I'm reading, they are a bluesy rock and roll band that has a propensity for catchy, hook-laden tracks. It sounds like something that's generally in my wheelhouse.

I'm drinking way too much coffee on this Wednesday morning and might be way too excited to throw this on and check it out, but I'm gonna do it. For you. The loyal Now Hear This reader.

Watch the music video for "It's a Lie, But I'm Alive" on Youtube below:

We bet things rocking with "Threshold", a traditional blues jam that definitely gets you ready for what Jackson Price and the Blues Rockets are all about. Strong opener. "Staying High" is next and it's a slower tempo track that does a great job keeping the simmer rolling throughout. What it lacks in a crescendo, it makes up for in hot licks and clever lyrics. "Evil by the Plenty" comes off a little elevator music to me during the intro, but by the time the verse kicks in, we are offered a sassy blues track that is infinitely hummable. "Bald. Fat. And 45" is a great title and an even greater song. Reminds me a little of a Jack Johnson tune, and I'm actually surprised this one wasn't a single. "I'm Gone" is a fun uptempo track with loads of fingerpicking goodness. More of a country-western vibe and it suits this band well. "Message From God" sounds like a ZZTop track and "Bones Get Old" reminds me of a Fabulous Thunderbirds song when they were at their very peak. These are good things. "Done Gone Done Something Wrong" is a slow burn dirty blues track that hits most of the right notes, while single "It's a Lie, But I'm Alive" is nearly perfect. Such a great single. "So Much Time" rocks hard, even if it's ultimately kinda forgettable. Honestly, I'm so impressed that there isn't really a "filler" song in the bunch as we reach the album's close. "Thank You BB" is the penultimate track on the record, and it's a fine homage to the legendary bluesman, B.B. King. Solid stuff here. The album ends with "Amerika" and this one will lull you right into a relaxed place, knowing that you just listened to a really complete blues-rock experience.

This is a great record to lift your spirits in the dreary times we're in. Every track on the album is at least "good" and there are a bunch of them that are pretty phenomenal. This one is highly recommended for my blues-rock lovers out there and a strong recommendation for anyone else.

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