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Now Hear This: ORMUS (single) - Mountain Soundsystems

Rating: ***1/2

From rainy Seattle, WA, Mountain Soundsystems is the solo project and brainchild of Jared Sand. Apparently, Jared has been making mind-bending electronic music up that way for a while and is even famous up there for his live performances.

Most of you readers know by now that electronic music can be really hit or miss with me, but when I dig it, I really dig it. I'm gonna go into this one with absolutely no prior knowledge of this artist, and absolutely no preconceived notion about his music. We are going in with fresh ears and open hearts or something like that.

I'm gonna run a bath and throw this single "ORMUS" in my brand new Bluetooth headphones. That's right, I can afford stuff. I'll be back in a bit to report back. I said "back" a lot right there. Unintentional.

Stream the single "ORMUS" on spotify by clicking here.

I mean, it's dope. It's tightly produced and has a groove that doesn't really ever stop. Is it groundbreaking? Not so much, but it doesn't have to be. It's got some truly mesmerizing moments and I really dig that in an electronic tune. I dig the Street Fighter 2 "PERFECT" sample. It's little things like that, they go a long way. I dig the faux piano outro a lot. Solid work here.

Electroheads are gonna dig it a lot and even the layman like myself at least appreciates it. You've probably heard a lot of this before but that's ok, it still sounds cool. I give this one a solid recommendation. Check it out.

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