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Now Hear This: Attention! (single) - Apache Rose

Rating: ***1/2

Apache Rose is a band from Moscow, Russia. I've always dug Russian rock bands like Gorky Park so I immediately begin associating Apache Rose with butt rock bands that I used to love from the '80s. It's not their fault, it's my mind.

Anyways, from what I can tell, the band has a rotating cast of members and the frontman and songwriter, Ilya Novokhatskiy spent some time in the US as a kid and dug British rock and later the grunge scene. This probably isn't gonna be the great butt-rock revival single I secretly was wishing for. Oh well.

I'm about to sleep, so I'm gonna put this on and see if it can keep me awake for a few. I'll report back after, you know, as I do literally every time.

Watch the lyric video for "Attention!" on Youtube below:

So this isn't butt rock at all. It's got a way more, I don't know, almost a new wave vibe with a midtempo pop punk execution. I dig Ilya's singing voice and the music is certainly catchy and the instruments are played serviceably. It's a good tune. I could hear this catching on in certain college radio markets. It's enough of a teaser that it definitley leaves you wanting to hear a full LP release.

As far as Russian pop punk with a new wave vibe goes this is pretty much the tops of that genre. In all seriousness, this is a solid track that should appeal to a much wider audience than it doesn't. Like I said before, it's radio friendly, and fans of midtempo rock pop with a late '80s or early '90s feel will be into this for sure.

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