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Now Hear This: My Best Please - Mother Yeti

Rating: ****1/2

Moscow, Idaho isn't exactly a hotbed for psychedelic indie rock, but here we are with a new one from Mother Yeti. I had heard good things about this band but never had the pleasure of taking them out for a spin until this new release ended up in my inbox. From what I've read about them, they seem like they'd be in my wheelhouse but you never really know until you listen to them right?

So I'm here with some coffee and an amazing new sound system and I'm ready to let the rock churn in my head.

Let's do it. I'm gonna report back but you already knew that didn't you?

Watch the music video for "My Best Please" on Youtube below:

"Someones Happy" is our lead track and it seems like a perfect introduction to the type of fuzzed-out indie rock we are gonna get from Mother Yeti. It's melodic and power-poppy just the way I like it. Really solid start here. "My Best Please" is next and it's a perfect choice for a single, which it is. Reminds me of Jellyfish. That's never a bad thing. Even better than the first track. "Graceful Space" is an amazing slower tempo track that is Nillson-like. Dreamy and perfect. "Wanted it Funny" returns us to a more mid-tempo rock arrangement. Solid but probably my least favorite track of the album thus far. "Roller Blade Shades" is funky as all hell and a welcome change-of-pace at this point of the record. "Push the Weather", "All by Myself", and "Over My Head" all sound like they could be playing in your Dad's van in 1971. All radio-friendly classic rock-sounding gems. Perfect mid-album tracks. "In Your Eyes" has my favorite opening guitar riff on the album and is a standout on the deeper part of the LP. All of these songs are just so catchy. "Sober Head" is crunchy and reminiscent of early Weezer. Another really strong track. "Get Off on Mondays" is lyrically clever, but is musically sparse and never really takes off for me. The final track "Fim" is an instrumental that feels very final. A good way to cleanse the palette for what is sure to be a lot of playthrough of this one.

As far as power-pop goes, this latest offering from Mother Yeti titled "My Best Please" is nearly flawless. If you're a fan of Jellyfish, The Verve, or The Gin Blossoms, this one is gonna hit you right in all the happy places, so to speak. VERY highly recommended.

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