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Now Hear This: See You In September (single/video) - Erich Mrak

Rating: ****

Erich Mrak isn't just a rapper or vocalist. He's a visionary. He likes to take his already profound lyrics and beats and combine them with an accompanying video this is generally thought-provoking and stellar in production. So when I saw there was a new single and "visual" called "See You in September" that is to include two tracks "Navigate" and "Riptide" I was stoked about it.

Mrak is from Toronto, ON, Canada. 20 years ago you wouldn't have thought of that as a hip-hop hotbed, but a guy named Drake kinda changed all that. I'm excited to see what Mrak has for us here.

I'm gonna watch and listen right now. Report back. You know how I do.

Stream May Devun's "See You in September" on Youtube below:

Playing out like the beginning of Netflix's latest series, "See You in September" is fairly gripping for a three-minute short. They slam a lot in there. Love. Drugs. Culinary Arts. It's scattered, but compelling all the same. As far as the songs go, both are solid. They sound dreamy and on brand for Mrak. I prefer "Riptide" but it's close. Either way, they fit the videos well.

This is definitely worth a spin or two and if nothing else, excites me for the release of the full-length singles of both and perhaps a new LP on the horizon. If you're into dreamy, hip-hop/pop that makes you want to chill in an opium den, this is gonna hit you right where you need it to. Highly recommended.

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