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Now Hear This: Say the Words (single) - May Devun

Rating: ***1/2

May Devun is a Los Angeles-based songstress that already in her relatively young career as a professional musician has been compared to Whitney Houston, Christina Aguelera, and Mariah Carey. WHOA! That is some company to be in...and some pressure.

Coming into my first listening of Devun’’s latest single “Say the Words” I know nothing about her, save for the comparisons. That can be daunting. What am I in for? Is this gonna live up to the hype? As my loyal readers know, I don’t like to put any expectations on things. I just like to go in fresh and objective. So that’s what I’m going to do here.

It’s Sunday morning and I’m ready to listen. Review after the jump per the usual.

Stream May Devun's "Say the Words" on Youtube below:

Gorgeous, haunting piano starts us off before vocals and a hypnotic drum machine beat takes us away. She’s got some serious pipes, that’s for sure. Her voice, while just as strong, has a much more peculiar and dark quality to it than those heavyweights she’s compared to. Very interesting. She has a scream in the middle of the song that is mind-blowing. Lyrically it seems simple, but it works. A tour de force vocally, however. This makes me champ at the bit for more. Really strong single. Very highly recommended.

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