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Now Hear This: A Planet Without An Atmosphere (EP) - Galapaghost

Rating: ****1/2

As most of you already know, I fucking love Austin, TX. It's creative scene is second-to-none, whether it be art house film making, comedy, or music, Austin knows what's up.

That's one of the many reasons I'm extra excited to check out another release from Austin's Galapaghost. I really enjoyed last year's release and now he's back with another electro-tinged EP titled "A Planet Without an Atmosphere".

I'm currently eating bacon and eggs and I just turned this on my stereo, so I'll have a full review after I'm done. Or you can just scroll down and it'll seem like time travelling because the review is already gonna be there.

Stream "A Planet Without an Atmosphere" on Soundcloud below:

“A Planet Without an Atmosphere” is the title track and it’s also our opener. It’s everything I’ve grown to love about this particular artist. Electronic and groovy while still maintaining a sense of soul. “Mirage” is sparse and simple, and a perfect mix-up right at the beginning of the album. “Lonely Ocean” is a highlight of the middle portion of the album, but the real standout is the following 2 tracks “Test Stick Uhaul Her Can, Sir?” and “Smother Nature” which sound like the best of the early 2000’s indie rock sound while combining elements of Beck and Broken Bells as well. Really amazing run of tracks here. The final track “Terremoto” is a great way to finish an EP that makes the listener want more. I highly recommend this album to fans of indie rock and electronic music, alike.

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