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Now Hear This: Graduated (single) - Jakk Jo

Rating: ****

I NEVER get much rap/hip-hop to review, so when I saw the latest from Jakk Jo in my inbox I was ecstatic.

Jakk Jo is a bit of a legend on the mixtape circuit. Hailing from the Big Easy (that's New Orleans for you nerds), he's released over 20 mixes with over 200 tracks to his name. That's pretty prolific.

He dropped a new single last month called "Graduated" and I'm very interested to give it a test drive. I'm gonna pop my earbuds in, and give it a listen. I'll report back like I always do.

Watch the music video for "Graduated" on Youtube below:

The beat is nice and it's WAY more melodic than I was expecting. Jakk Jo has bars. He's got a laid back style that makes you comfortable to just chill and listen while also switching up his cadence to add some ferocity when needed. Lyrically it's clever without sounding goofy. This dude is giving a biography of the streets he grew up on, and the narrative is a well-spun yarn.

Jakk Jo is a name to watch out for on the underground rap scene. He's just as good as some of the better-known rappers out there, and with "Graduated" he continues to put other MCs on notice. I highly recommend this for my hip-hop heads out there.

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