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Now Hear This: Edge of the World (single) - Les Techno

Rating: ****

Over here at Now Hear This, Les Techno is one of our favorite weirdos.

Hailing from NYC, Techno is a long-time maker of some of the most experimental folk-based rock music around. He's like Beck and Nick Cave had a baby that was really bummed out.

When I saw that he had a new single dropping on September 1st I was geeked. It's called "Edge of the World" and it's sure to deliver all that patented Les Techno flavor that we've come to expect.

I'm gonna toast an English muffin and get to streaming this. I'll let you know how it goes in a minute or three.

Listen to "Edge of the World" on Youtube below:

From the very first strum, it sounds like a Les Techno song. Once that familiar baritone singing voice hits, you know for sure. This is a fun one, full of the playful hopelessness that we've come to know and love from Les. It's well-played and well-sung and just everything about it screams "on brand". I really enjoyed this one, but I might be biased. I'm a fan.

If you love weird folk-rock, I'm gonna give this new release by Les Techno my highest recommendation. He is gonna scratch that itch perfectly. For everyone else, I implore you to at least give it a listen. You never know what you could be missing out on until you try it.

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