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Now Hear This: Borrowed Time (single) - CommonUnion59

Rating: ***1/2

Traditional folk music isn't always my jam, but I'm not gonna let that bias affect my review of the latest single called "Borrowed Time" by San Francisco duo, CommonUnion59.

It's not that I hate folk music, far from it. There's just so much awful folk outfits out there that it's kinda soured me on the entire genre. That said, I'm going into this track with fresh ears and an objective attitude. I swear to GOD there's no bias. NONE AT ALL.

I'm gonna listen to this one at my favorite cafe. Good coffee. Good scenery. My headphones in. Let's do this.

Watch the music video for "Borrowed Time" on Youtube below:

Aww this ain't so bad to start. Love the music, and the lyrical message is astute and timely. This is well-sung by both parties and a very important message in this time of Trump. The song itself is solid if still unspectacular. That said, this is folk music I can get behind musically and politically.

I'm still not the biggest traditional folk fan and this single from CommonUnion59 probably didn't change that, but the track itself is strong and it stands on it's own in that regard. I give this one a strong recommend for folk fans and just slightly less for non-fans of the genre.

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