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Now Hear This: Fire Sign (EP) - The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band

Rating: ***

Hailing from Seattle comes, The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band. Psychedelic trip-hop seems to be the blueprint they've enlisted to becoming one of the most talked-about groups in the pacific northwest.

The brainchild of Jared Sand, TCMMB's latest EP titled "Fire Sign" is certain to be another collection of trippy tracks that promise to expand the mind and get your feet moving all the same.

I'm gonna try to get a hike in with this in my headphones. As usual, I'll report back with a detailed review after the jump.

Watch "Super Automatic - LIVE" on Youtube below:

"Dope" starts us off and it's a slow burn as it develops the intro beat into what eventually becomes the hypnotic rhythm that drives the track forward. Not my favorite choice for the lead-off track, but it isn't bad. "Lofi Spliff" is much more exciting than track 1, offering a diverse experience for the listener. Really dope track. "Super Automatic" is the most melodic tune thus far, but that's not to say it's the best. While I'd still call it solid overall, it isn't going to blow your mind. "Let the Dust Settle" is the final track and it might be my favorite on the EP. Borrowing influence from world music, it comes with blistering percussion and a far-away feel that is both modern and ancient. Really strong stuff.

This EP isn't going to be for everyone, but all 4 tracks range from ok to excellent and none of them are duds. If nothing else, it excites me for what could be next. I recommend it to fans of electronic music, but others might wanna skip it.

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