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Now Hear This: Scars and Wounds (EP) - Andy the Crocodile

Rating: ****

Indian born singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Andy the Crocodile is here with an EP called "Scars & Wounds" for review on Now Hear This.

ATC is pretty much self-taught through the use of books and Youtube tutorials which in my opinion is dope and a good example of how people can become whatever they want and accomplish whatever they dream in this generation. It's inspiring stuff. But is it good?

I'm gonna give it a listen and report back on just that.

Listen to "Scars and Wounds" on Spotify here.

"Hope" isn't just the first track on the album but it's also the first single. It's a really delightful Jack Johnson-ish melodic rock track. It's well-played and shows off the unique voice and vocal range of ATC. Really strong opener here. "Sleep Well My Child" is cute with a great melody. It's like a lullaby for millennials. "The Whammy Girl" has tinges of country and western to start and it's interesting to hear it coming from an Indian dude. He does it well! The middle bits get pretty rock and roll before moving back into some country. Really good track. "Just Another Love Song" isn't a cover of the Queens of the Stone Age song, which was initially disappointing. However, this is a gorgeous folk track that has the most earnest lyrics of the entire EP. The EP includes a radio edit of "Whammy Girl" if you're into that sort of thing.

Overall I think this EP is pretty dope. Fans of almost any genre are going to at the very least find this listenable, and fans of singer-songwriters will be over-the-moon. I'm a fan of Andy the Crocodile! Highly recommended.

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