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Now Hear This: My Kind of Woman (EP) - Marty Thompson

Rating: ****

Texas produces some out of sight artists. Bands like Pantera, comedians like JT Habersaat, and now Marty Thompson.

I'm not familiar with Marty's music at all, but from what I read it's kinda like Alan Parsons meets The Brian Jonestown Massacre and my friends, that has me all sorts of excited.

The EP is called "My Kind of Woman" and is sure to pack all the Texas punch we need into the tiny 7-track playlist.

I'm gonna get on with reviewing it now.

Watch the music video for "Paint What You Think" on Youtube below:

We get things started with "Hope is a Moving Dream". It's weird and reminds me of Talking Heads quite a bit. I really dig the eccentric '80s sound of this. The chorus will stick in your head. Really odd and rad. Good start to this one. "Paint What You Think" has a Murder City Devils vibe and that's A-OK with me. It gets poppier as the tune goes on but that's ok. Solid pop rock with a hardcore edge to it. Title track "My Kind of Woman" is next. It's a slow burn and lyrically a little more on the Nick Cave side of things. Solid. "Lush" has a guest star named Chris Zimmerly. It's more bluesy than the previous tracks and makes a good switch-up in sound. "Patience" isn't a Guns and Roses cover. This one reminds me of Jim Carroll Band. Creepy and kinda haunting, it's one of the more sinister sounding tracks on the EP. "To the Pebbled Shore" is next, and it has a grungy, metal feel to it. Thompson is checking all the boxes here. Good track on an EP without a bad one on it thus far. The final track, "M.C. Zebra" has a prolonged intro and seems musically a little more complex in context. No vocals on this one. Thompson just plays us out into the ether on this one. Kinda cool that way actually.

I really liked this but I'm a weirdo so it makes sense. Normies might have a hard time adjusting to the difference in sound on every track. But that's on them. I really dug it and give it a high recommendation to fans of Talking Heads.

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