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Now Hear This: The General Maynyrd Band - The General Maynyrd Band

Rating: ****1/2

As most of you already know, I'm a Northern California dude. I love the rich musical history of the Bay Area and am always excited to review bands that hail from that particular scene.

That brings us to The General Maynyrd Band. A band with classic rock roots and southern rock influences that hails from San Francisco, CA. Southern rock from the Bay? It sounds weird, but I'm into it.

This album is self-titled "The General Maynyrd Band" and the cover artwork is really cool. It reminds me of an old comic book from the 60's.

I'm gonna dive in and see what we come up with. You can listen along on Spotify if the spirit moves you.

Listen to "The General Maynyrd Band" on Spotify by clicking here.

"Talkin' to My Fish" is a jam and a half. It sounds like Santana with Ian Gillen on vocals. Funky and powerful. Really rad opening track here. "Sinner" is track two and it opens with some amazing lead guitar work before we get into the verse. This one has an Allman Brothers feel to it. Catchy, well-played and well-sung, this one is another gem. "You're the Type" is next and we continue the strong Santana-esque 70's rock vibe and I'm hella into it. So far this is one of the better rock albums I've listened to this year. We have a ways to go though. "Catch a Pirogue" bounces along nicely, but it might be the weakest track thus far. Still solid. "Trouble is My Business" is another softer spot but again it's still a good track. Things pick back up with the super fun "Can't Stop Rockin'" and continue with the LP's first true ballad "Glad to See You". Really good stretch here that rolls into "General Schmang". This track is another really excellent throwback to classic rock while still retaining a modern feel. "Alligator Freak Show" is a decent album track but the finale of "No End" is somber and psychedelic masterwork that ends the album on a really dreamy note.

Classic rock aficionados are absolutely going to love what The General Maynyrd Band" are cooking up on this one. If you like Santana and Deep Purple with some King's X mixed in, you're going to adore this release. I give this a huge recommend.

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