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Now Hear This: LOVEGHOST (single/music video) - Saint Mars

Rating: ***1/2

I'm excited to review the new single called "LOVEGHOST" from the UK/USA/Swiss alternative rock/rap group Saint Mars.

It's not everyday a single pops in my mailbox from a group with such a diverse origin and influence. Saint Mars, you see, is releasing this on the heels of a 2017 EP that was extremely critically acclaimed overseas with some publications even calling it "the most promising EP to come out of the UK in some time." That's pretty heavy praise.

I'm going to dig in and review this single as well as taking a gander at the music video released in support (you can too, I gave you a embedded link and everything) and report back.

Catch you in like 3 or 4 minutes.

Watch the music video for "LOVEGHOST" on Youtube below:

This one has a really infectious beat. It kinda sounds like a less-dark Tricky track. I love Tricky so take that as you will. The rapping is more than competent, and the autotuned vocals are actually well-placed. The song is catchy and radio-friendly without coming off as commercial bollocks. It keeps its heart.

The video is dope and well-made. It tells a cool story and is well acted out. A really solid promotional tool for a really strong single.

This is a fun track that I could see getting radio airplay soon. There isn't anything that is going to blow your mind or revolutionize pop music, but it's really good. Recommended.

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