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Now Hear This: Love & Change - Todd Warner Moore

Rating: ****1/2

I reviewed Todd Warner Moore's last album "Spark" for this very website and I really enjoyed it. Well, he's back with another offering hot on that one's heels. It's called "Love & Change" and it promises all the lyrically poignant folk and Americana we've come to expect from Moore.

Todd Warner Moore is an American that has lived all over the place and currently resides in Hong Kong. At first listen of his last record, I remember being so taken aback by the fact that this music is so truly American in every way, even though he's been removed for several years now.

In any event, I'm gonna get to listening and doing all the reviewing and things. Be sure to read all about it after the jump.

Listen to "Love & Change" on Spotify by clicking here

The album begins with the Kansas-esque "Song Universal". This one is a really great example of how 70's melodic rock can be updated with a modern folk sound. A really great opener. "Golden Life" has some excellent guitar playing to lead us off. The song itself isn't as strong as the opener, but it's still solid in its own right. "Everybody Sings" sounds like it's straight from the lips of a 60's folk legend. Moore has a gift for capturing a moment in time with his tunes. "Wide Open" and "Right On Time" present more solid album tracks that again show the vibe and energy that is Moore's trademark. It should be noted that the female vocalist co-lead on many of these songs by Leah Hart are incredible. "See That Way" is one of my favorite tracks on the LP. It's just folk perfection. That said, the next tune, title track, "Love & Change" is also amazing and a contender for best track. This album is so much more polished in all ways that last year's "Spark". "Goodbye on a Sunny Day" is lovely while "When Stones Float" is the first forgettable track on the album. "Kiss Each Day" is ok, but we have reached the first truly slow spot of the record. Makes you wonder, if Moore should have gone with a shorter tracklist. "Too Late" gets us back on track with a song that reminds me of recent-era Nick Cave. "Move In" brings some county tinges that we haven't really heard the entire LP, and honestly it sounds good. "Right as Rain" is the final track and it's dreams and magical. After a slow moment, the album ended with three excellent tracks to end on.

I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed this latest release by Todd Warner Moore. I became a fan with his last album, but this one takes it up a notch in all categories. A really excellent album that would be flawless except for a two-song soft spot towards the end. Highly recommended.

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