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Now Hear This: Hot Wheelz (single) - Robbie Z

Rating: ***1/2

Robbie Z is a Bulgarian hip-hop artist still in their teenage years.

I remember being a teenager. I was sneaking into the movies, drinking a ton of Pepsi, and playing video games 23 out of the 24 hours in the day. What I wasn't doing was establishing myself as a music star.

I guess Robbie Z and I are different that way. "Hot Wheelz" is 2nd single from the upcoming mixtape titled "REBELLIOUZ" due out in the late spring.

I'm gonna check this out and report back, k?

Watch the music video for "Hot Wheelz" on Youtube below:

The beat is dope and it reminds me a little bit of something Dan the Automator would drop for some of Kool Keith's mid 90's stuff. Robbie Z can rap and definitely has a style that is unique. It isn't mumbly, but it's not exactly a focused cadence either. Lyrically it's pretty basic, but melodically it's strong. You can bob your head to it for sure. All-in-all, I dig it and am looking forward to what's coming up on this mixtape dropping soon.

Robbie Z is young and it shows, but the potential to be a monster in the hip-hop game is there. I thought this track was solid and a good prequel to some great things to come. Recommended.

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