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Now Hear This: The Real Reality in the Galaxy, Pt. 1 (single) - The4thWorld

Rating: ***1/2

The4thWorld is a socially conscious hip-hop artist from the UK.

Before this arrived in my inbox, that's literally all I knew about him. His bio is fairly sparse, but one thing's for sure: He's fed up with rap covering the same benign subjects over and over again and he's all about bringing important subjects to the forefront lyrically.

I can dig that.

I'm going to check out the single titled "The Real Reality in the Galaxy, Pt. 1" and give you my thoughts after the jump. You know, as I do.

Watch the music video for "The Real Reality in the Galaxy, Pt. 1" on Vimeo below:

The beat is light but melodic. He has a slow and deliberate cadence that takes a minute to get used to. It grows on you pretty quick though. Lyrically, it's heavy without being especially heavy-handed. The song itself is only okay, but the message and rap style The4thWorld brings to the table makes it unique and fresh.

The socially aware amongst the hip-hop crowd are gonna really dig this dude's vibe. If you're looking for $$$ and cars and umm...more fun content, you might pass. But for me, I liked the energy and The4thWorld is a really capable MC. I dug it.

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