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Now Hear This: Risin' Up (single) - Dr. BENTZ

Rating: ***

So Dr. BENTZ isn't just a clever name. This dude is actually studying to become a naturopathic doctor. That's dope. I love shit like that.

So, he also raps. I guess in the midst of the medical studies he was sitting on 25+ tracks and decided to release this new single "Risin' Up". I got it in my inbox and am always excited to listen to new rap music so I was like "let's do this shit, bro." That's how I talk to myself.

You can check the track out below, and then we will be on the same page when I start spouting off about it.

Be back in a bit.

Watch the audio video for "Risin' Up" on Youtube below:

So Dr. BENTZ is a capable rapper but the beats are really basic. The song itself isn't bad, in fact, after a while, you'll find yourself singing along. Lyrically it isn't gonna blow your mind, but aside from some cringy autotune parts, it stays consistently good throughout. Not a bad track by any means, and enough to encourage me to check more stuff out as it comes.

This single isn't gonna make you pass over the new Kendrick Lamar or Jay-Z but Dr. BENTZ has some skills to display. I look forward to seeing what's next and if all else fails, he's gonna be a doctor so shit is working out either way, really. Mild recommendation.

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