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Now Hear This: F*ck You - Annamay

Rating: ****

Eclectic and quirky, Sweden's Annamay comes to us bearing the gift of a new full-length LP with the delightfully crass name of "F*ck You". It's to the point. I like it.

A pop-rocker with influences like Pink at heart, Annamay aims to fold other genres into her unique sound.

Seems like we've been listening to a lot of musical melting pots lately, but I think that's just what this era is. So many different influences melting into each artist own musical sound and vision. I dig it.

Check out the video below and then I'm gonna talk about the album. Does that work for you? Are we good (Marc Maron voice)?

Watch the video for "Missing" on Youtube below:

"I'm Gonna Wake Up" was written with the notable poet "Tom Kimmel". It's okay, but I was hoping for something with a little more definitive sound. "See Me Now" is a better song, but I'd be lying if I didn't say the start of this record is off to a slow start. "Disparage Me for Nothing" is folksy and a lot more focused. This is the first track that I was like "now we're talking!". Solid track. "One Step Behind" is melodic and sweet and is a good choice for a single. We are on track now. Title track "Fuck You" is 80's new wave rock at its holy shit it's 2019 best. My favorite track thus far. "Torn Between Stars" is delightful, well-sung, and another solid single choice while "Grab the Moon" and "Surf Through Life" are both excellent album tracks that give you a feel of what a unique voice Annamay possesses. "Lonely Secret" is an earnest ballad and a good change-of-pace at this point in the LP. "Give Me A Day" is the penultimate track and it's a gorgeous duet. This album has turned out to be rock solid. "Missing" is a great way to end what ended up being a really great debut album from Annamay. Country tinges decorate the best love song on the record.

In spite of the slow start, Annamay delivers a great debut album that only gets better after repeated listens. Most of the last 2/3 of the LP is excellent from the get-go and even the first two tracks grow on you. Highly recommended.

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