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Now Hear This: Dream Journal (EP) - Badari

Rating: ***1/2

Badari is an LA-based hip-hop/pop artist that made waves a few years back with the success of his mixtape release on popular hip-hop music exchange site "datPiff". He got tens of thousands of spins and really began to make a name for himself in the indie scene.

Well, he's back with a new 2019 EP release called "Dream Journal" and I can't wait to take it on track by track.

I'm gonna take a drive up the road and give it a spin or two and report back. You can do the same and then you can read what I say about it all the while conversing aloud while reading and it'll be just like we're hanging out together. Your roommates might think you're crazy though. Whatever.

Listen to "Dream Journal" on Spotify here.

We get started with "Things I See in My Dreams" and it has a Flobots vibe and I'm into it. Cadence is dope in a Cake sort of way. Lyrically it's clever and unique. It's a really solid opening track. "The Day Before Tomorrow" is much the same vibe as the opener, but it's not too same-sy. Dude has a style for sure. Another really great track. What will the middle track bring? "When a Tree Falls" is next and it has a dope synth intro before the verse kicks in. Super downbeat and low energy in the best way possible. Really dope. "House of Mirrors" has my favorite music of the entire EP. The flow is solid in that signature Badari way. This one is catchy in a creepy way. Lyrically this is probably the darkest track on the record. The final track of the way-too-short EP is "Ocean" and it doesn't sound anything like the rest of the tracks. I really loved this EP.

Rap fans of all kinds are gonna find something to connect to on this innovative a nearly flawless EP. Badari is one to watch for sure. I'm a fan. Highly recommended.

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