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Now Hear This: Catching Me In Stride - Voyce Memos

Rating: ***

Voyce Memos are a Houston-based trio that fancies themselves indie rockers in the vein of Tame Impala and Radiohead.

They have an album dropping called "Catching Me In Stride" on April 19 and as luck would have it, I got my hand (and ears) on a copy a little earlier than the general public. Job perk and all that.

I love indie rock, especially when it's innovative, so I'm excited to kick the tires on this one.

There's a music video out (embedded below) so you can get a feel of what we're working with before I tell you all about what I think of it.

Let's go!

Watch the music video for "Division" on Youtube below:

First single and first track "Division" has a cool little electro-pop vibe to it. I like it, but imagine there are better singles lurking deeper in the record. The second single is usually the money-maker after all. Even if they don't know what it is yet, I'll find it. Good start though. "Quixotic" is next and it's poppy and catchy. This isn't the second single, but it IS solid. "Hard Knot" comes with the harder beats and a Spandau Ballet synth line. Somehow it works. "Better Island" is weird and maybe my favorite track thus far. Interesting effects that make it sound like they're playing under water. I dig it. "Benova" is lounge music for the millennials and a cool changeup. "Indifferent" rocks a white boy soul vibe that is decidedly 80's. Cool tune. "Whelmed" leads us into the title track "Catching Me In Stride" which just might be what I would choose as the second single. A hypnotic beat paired with a catchy verse and chorus. This one is a can't miss. "Lazy Radio" and "Reboot" are both solid album tracks, but "Conversation" is a real highlight of the last portion of the LP. Contender for strongest track on the album for me. Electronic and pop in unison and in overdrive. "Wake With Me" is the second to last song on the album and serves as a strong musical into to the song the album ends with "Argentine". A track that ties the vibe of Voyce Memos together in a pretty bow. Really great tune to end things on.

Strong 80's-inspired electronic pop music from beginning to end, "Catching Me In My Stride" will deliver the goods to melodic pop starved fortysomethings for nostalgia sake and pop-loving millenials alike. Strong recommend from me on this one.

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