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Now Hear This: Don't Break What You Cannot Fix (single) - Y. Dan Rubinstein

Rating: ****

Y. Dan Rubinstein is a singer-songwriter based in the Bay Area of California and he's mad as hell at the current political administration. I get it. We all should be to varying extents. He's taking his frustration out the old fashioned way, through song.

His new single (out March 29) from his upcoming summer LP release is called "Don't Break What You Cannot Fix" and from what I read (and the title alone) it has a political message being sent through loud and clear.

I'm gonna pop it on and let you guys know what to expect before you all rush to download it on March 29.

Pre-save "Don't Break What You Cannot Fix" on Spotify by clicking here.

Rubinstein has a lovely voice and musically this is just fine. Lyrically is where he does the most work though. This is cutting and honest without being harsh and overtly negative. I read that it was inspired by some of the "change policy without thinking" knee-jerks of this current regime and that comes through brilliantly in this tune. The song itself is melodic and likable, but what's underneath the surface is what will stay with you.

This is strong cafe rock with a political message in the vein of a modern-day Woody Guthrie. It's so needed at this time, and I'm happy to see Y. Dan Rubinstein step up to the plate. It isn't a grand slam, but a solid 2-run homer on this one. I recommend it.

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