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Now Hear This: Elise (EP) - Damon Mitchell

Rating: ****

Last week I reviewed the lead single "License Plate" from Damon Mitchell's new EP "Elise" and I thought it was very good.

I'm back now to give the entire EP a run-through and I'm pretty geeked about it. Mitchell has a classic rock vibe mixing the best of 60's era Americana with modern singer-songwriter flair.

If the EP is anything like the first single, I think we're looking at a half-hour filled with jangly guitar, earnest lyrics, and sad melodies. I generally like those things.

I'm gonna go track-by-track and report back when I'm done. I do that every time, but I still think you guys should know.

Listen to "License Plate" on Spotify by clicking here.

First track "Heist" starts with a great keyboard riff. Mitchell's voice fits this track perfectly. It reminds me of great power-pop acts like Nilsson and Jellyfish. Really great start to the record. "Just a Face" is next and it's a slower number with a bluesy synth. I'm not in love with it, but it isn't bad per se. Coming off the heels of the first track, it seems like kind of a bummer, though. I covered the lead single "License Plate" in-depth already, but it should be said that it's solid and even better on my ears that when I first reviewed it. "Salo" is track 4 and it's a smooth one. This one has an 80's melodic rock appeal to it. You'd half expect to find this on an 8-track tape in the back of your dad's van. It captures a nostalgia of that era for sure. "World in Her Eyes" is the penultimate track on the EP and it's another smooth one. Randy Newman would be proud of this one. Mitchell has a gift of writing lyrics that relate to a large portion of the population. The EP ends with the title track "Elise". It's a case of saving the best for last. This one is a little darker and a little more Tom Waits in its delivery. Possibly my favorite track on the album.

This is an excellent EP that will tickle the ears of fans of 70's and 80's power pop. Mitchell does a wonderful job of capturing that vibe and energy. It doesn't sound modern in the most genuine way possible. I highly recommend checking it out.

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