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Now Hear This: U.N. Article 14 - American High

Rating: *****

Sacramento is my hometown. I'm proud of what it was, what it is, and what it's becoming. I don't live in Sacramento anymore, but the band American High does! They happen to have a new LP out that I'm stoked to check out. It's called "U.N. Article 14" and it's the second album I've reviewed on this very site.

American High wear their influences on their sleeves so I expect a large dose of Green Day-inspired pop-punk with a dash of garage rock for good measure.

I thought their first release was pretty good, but I'm really excited to see how they've grown over the last year or so.

I'm gonna take a drive and check it out. I'll report back.

Watch the music video for "Cheye Calvo" on Youtube below:

"Second Sister" starts us off and it's a delight. The perfect power-pop number to lead us off. It reminds me of Weezer in the best way possible. Catchy as fuck and really fun, it bops along so well that you're bummed when it ends. The first single "Cheye Calvo" is next and it's got more of a They Might Be Giants feel. More midtempo and nerdy, it's still rocks and is a great choice as lead single. "I Can't Change" is slower tempo and more earnest lyrically. It's a good sound for them. Another rock solid track from what is an excellent little record thus far. "Test Pilot" is a punky garage rocker that reminds me of "Kerplunk" era Green Day. That's a huge compliment. I love how underproduced this sounds. It captures a raw fury that albums just don't anymore. "Fairfield, CA" is a delightful love song to a woman that lives in the said town. A much more pleasant experience than actually visiting the place. Another good one. "1.17.61" is possibly my favorite track on the entire album. R.E.M. would be proud of this one. Title track "U.N. Article 14" is next and it's soooooo catchy. This album is such an upgrade from their first outing. They really found their magic potion on this one. So rad to see bands grow. The album ends with "Bunny" and I'll be damned if it isn't one of the stronger tracks on an LP jam-packed with them. Lovely way to close out. I'm very impressed.

Obviously, I really loved this album. I'm giving it 5 stars and that is without any bias towards them being a hometown band. I mean that. It's such a perfect power-pop album with catchy choruses and jangly guitars. Very highly recommended.

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